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What is Saratoga?

Saratoga is the industry leader in the design and manufacture of customized simulation units for teaching and professional furniture for dental clinics and laboratories. The Italian-made products have been available all over the world for the past 45 years.

  • Ergonomics
  • Modularity
  • Cutting-edge and innovative design concepts
  • Timeless and useful dental clinic furniture, with specifics based on available space, available technology, and accepted industry practices.

The design effectively prevents bacterial cross-infection in the clinic while maximizing the smoothness of the work process during patient diagnosis and treatment. The products also increase work efficiency while raising the level of sensory control.

Saratoga conducts business in the following sectors:

  • Manufacturing tools, furniture, and fittings for dental offices and sterilization rooms
  • Manufacturing dental laboratory tools and workbenches
  • Manufacturing simulation benches and models for dental training

The Incomparable Details in Saratoga’s Products

Ergonomics. Makes it possible for the dentist to have everything at hand, maximizing safety, effectiveness, and hygiene.

Harmony. The forms and spaces are harmonious thanks to the Italian-made design and style. Available with a metallic paint finish in RAL colors like dream blue, silver, green, or pearl white.

Light. By adjusting the color, frequency, rhythm, and nuances to the way the space is used, Saratoga’s designs enable the creation of a distinctive, exclusive environment.

Hygiene. Saratoga’s designs keep hygiene on the top of their priorities. Dental Clinics can be a hub for germs and bacteria, but with their smooth designs, Saratoga’s designs are made to be easily disinfected and sanitized.

Space. Saratoga’s designs make use of space in the most convenient ways. Their cabinets and desks offer a handful of drawers and trays so that the dentist can have the needed tools at reach anytime during the consultation.

Customization. Saratoga’s products are customizable according to the practitioner’s needs and taste. From color to shapes and sizes, all Saratoga’s dental furniture can be designed to fit each dentist’s requirements.

Versatility. Keeping in mind every country’s legislative requirement regarding sterilization, Saratoga’s designs can be altered and modified accordingly.

About Saratoga

Saratoga is a leading company in the field of manufacturing customized furniture for dental clinics and dental laboratories. Their product range focuses on innovation and reliability. The company has conquered global markets due to its ability to develop innovative projects: from the Smily simulation unit to advanced learning development software for use in universities and dentistry training centres. Saratoga focuses day in day out on the in-depth study of tangible solutions and the production of a vast range of reliable, functional products in line with its philosophy, based on quality, service and innovation

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